Mac Mini RAM upgrade struggle (2Ghz/120HDD/1GB RAM)

Mac Mini RAM upgrade struggle (2Ghz/120HDD/1GB RAM)

First buy some RAM - 2x1GB PC2-5300 (DDR2 667Mhz) - "laptop" DIMM. I think all modern laptop compatilble RAM will fit (with mentioned parameters) to our Mac. Beside thath, You also need to have putty knife (if that is correct name for that tool in English?) and some screwdrivers.. Warning - You need to discharge static electricity before You put Your hands on Your valuable eletronic device


You need to lever the case with puuty knife from all sides - do it with caution to avoid scratches
breaking in

Few minutes of struggle and we are in. We need to remove four screws to lever the hard disk and the drive

Unplug small cables.

Remove anthenna which blocks access to one of the screws. Press marked plastic elements and anthenna will pop up. Also remove the second anthena which is placed diagonally - it is fairly easy to remove (AFAIR)odłączanie 2

Remove thermal sensor connector in front...narzędzia

... and we open the Monster :-). Remove old RAM and install new one.finisz

That's it. Put it all together again in one piece in reverse order and have fun with more RAM