My work

GNU Gadu - Instant Messenger application for GTK+/Unix. Pluggable, open-source, multi-protocol (gadu-gadu, tlen, jabber). More information can be found on project homepage.

Gnokii - command line application for Nokia mobile phone management (messed with AT driver code, push messages and some other stuff)

CookieWatcher - simple FireFox extension. May be useful for web application developers. For last few years it reached over 75.000 downloads!

Trim Filter - plugin/filter for Sun ONE Web Server/iPlanet. It removes whitespaces from HTML/XHTML code.

Mod trim - does the same as above but now for Apache 2.x.x.

Gnocky - GTK+/GUI frontend do gnokii (well, it is almost dead now...)

Bochs SVGALib GUI driver - one of the display drivers for this emulator

Cameleus - inversion of controll (IoC) container. Proof of concept in java. Inpired by Nucleus from ATG Platform

RejestracjeTookit - my first PocketPC application (page in polish).